Install Reveal (1.0.5)

What is Reveal?

Reveal is an extension for Firefox 1.5 or newer. It was created for the Extend Firefox contest. Reveal allows you to see thumbnails of pages in your session history and quickly find the page you want.

Why should I install Reveal?

Because it's really nice eyecandy.

Also, it comes with an interactive tour that shows you what Reveal can do better than this webpage can. Give it 5 minutes to see what it's about - you can always uninstall it.

Is there a regular reference for Reveal?

Here's a guide to Reveal. It explains the interface of Reveal along with some rationale for it.

What will Reveal be able to do?

There are currently four features planned:

Sorting and saved searches will be available in a future release for Firefox 1.5, but window mode and full history accounting will require support of toDataURL, which will be included in Firefox 2.0.